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Pokémon Legends Arceus guide: How to redeem the mystery gift

Here’s how get some cute outfits for your character

a screenshot of a glowing gift box that’s opening Image: Game Freak/Nintendo via Polygon
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Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ story may change the Pokemon formula considerably, but it has a lot of the same bells and whistles as any Pokemon game including a Mystery Gift. The feature is essential, a way for trainers to get little bonuses and gifts online through various time-locked events.

You can redeem a special set of gifts around the time of the launch of Pokémon Legends: Arceus. There aren’t any Pokemon this time around, but you can get some new outfits like a Hisuian Zoroark-inspired Baneful Mask and get a fancy kimono and pants sets based on Hisuian Growlithe’s color scheme. In addition to the clothing, you can redeem 30 Heavy Balls — which are helpful when catching larger Pokemon. Both items will be available to anyone who plays before May 9, 2022.

Before you get started, make sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet and that you’re at least a First Star Member of the survey corps. Once you get your first star, your internet capabilities are unlocked and you can get your Mystery Gift. (A Nintendo Switch Online account is not necessary to use Mystery Gift.)

How to redeem the Mystery Gift codes

Press the up button on the left D-pad, and press Zr to scroll through the other menus until you get to the menu that says “Communications” on the top left. From there, scroll down to “Mystery Gifts” and select it.

A new window will appear that allows you to select different options. Choose, “Get via Internet,” and your Nintendo Switch will connect to the internet.

After that, select “Clothing Gift,” and that’s it! You’ll receive your gifts and can change into your new clothes at either the clothier in Jubilife Village or at your home.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus also has a few other bonuses, depending on when and how you purchased or pre-ordered the game. If you downloaded it off of the eShop, you can redeem a code for 30 Heavy Balls. To get the code, check the email you have tied to the Nintendo account that made the purchase and looks from an email with the subject line, “[Pokémon™ Legends: Arceus] — Here’s your code!” and open it. Under the dashed line, there will be a 16-digit code to redeem the item.

Once you have your code ready, navigate back to the “Communications” page, select “Mystery Gift,” and then pick “Get with Code/Password.” Your Switch will connect to the internet again and then pull up a keyboard. Enter your code, and click “Downloadable Version Purchase Bonus.” The animation will play, and you’ll have your Heavy Balls! These steps will work for any future gifts you get with a code as well.

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