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Everyone loves Wooloo, the perfect new Pok¨¦mon

Don¡¯t roll away, you know it¡¯s true

Wooloo as it appears in Pokemon Sword/Shield The Pok¨¦mon Company

Sorry, Sobble. Pok¨¦mon Sword and Shield are Wooloo¡¯s games now. The first new Galar region Pok¨¦mon to be unveiled during today¡¯s Pok¨¦mon Direct presentation, Wooloo is perfect in every way and has quickly and understandably established a fan base willing to die for the Sheep Pok¨¦mon.

Here are two reasons why people have fallen in love with Wooloo, a very good Pok¨¦mon:

One, Wooloo is described as having an ¡°extremely fluffy body,¡± giving the Pok¨¦mon a round shape. People love round animals.

Two, Wooloo is also described as a ¡°friendly Pok¨¦mon that craves stability,¡± which we can all relate to. ¡°They dislike conflict, and if they need to escape from enemies, they will simply roll away,¡± the official Pok¨¦mon website explains.

What¡¯s not to like?

The instantaneous acceptance of Wooloo is evident by the flood of fan art rolling in for the rolling Pok¨¦mon. (Technically, it¡¯s the Sheep Pok¨¦mon, even though Mareep ¡ª the Wool Pok¨¦mon ¡ª exists.)

Now, a collection of Wooloo fan art:

Some artists have already addressed possible competition between Mareep and Wooloo ¡ª but it turns out they¡¯re best friends! Possibly even ... gal pals!

Fans are also buddying Wooloo up with Pok¨¦mon Sword and Shield¡¯s other confirmed round boy, Eldegoss.

In what is surely not a coincidence, the reveal of Wooloo coincides with Pride Month.

Beyond being cute, what¡¯s all that fluff good for?

But even without that highly prized fur, Wooloo is still extremely good:

Most importantly, remember this:

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