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Fidough is the cutest new Pok¨¦mon we want to eat

Aw, ¡¯mons you¡¯re just jealous of these yeasty boys

Artwork of Fidough, the Puppy Pok¨¦mon Image: Game Freak/The Pok¨¦mon Company

Amid a flurry of announcements from Wednesday¡¯s Pok¨¦mon Presents showcase, one thing stands out: Fidough, a delicious-looking and adorable new Pok¨¦mon coming to Pok¨¦mon Scarlet and Violet later this year. Alongside its new ninth-generation Pok¨¦mon brethren Smoliv and Lechonk, Fidough is making Pok¨¦mon fans both squeal with delight and feel strangely peckish. We both want to protect and eat the new Pok¨¦mon.

Fidough, the Puppy Pok¨¦mon, is a Fairy-type, but if it were competing in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, it might be part of the working group. According to the official Pok¨¦mon website, Fidough¡¯s breath contains ¡°useful yeast,¡± apparently making it quite valuable to bakers in the Paldea region.

¡°Fidough ferments things in its vicinity using the yeast in its breath,¡± the official Pok¨¦mon website¡¯s description of Fidough explains. ¡°Said yeast is useful for cooking, so this Pok¨¦mon has been protected by people since long ago.¡±

But Fidough itself also looks and sounds like a bagel just waiting to be cooked. ¡°Fidough¡¯s moist, smooth skin has elastic qualities and is both firm and soft at the same time,¡± according to its official description.

Like every cute, fresh-out-of-the-oven new Pok¨¦mon, the community has fallen in love with this yeasty boy. Here¡¯s proof, in the form of a rising number of fan creations filling up social media:

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