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There are too many RPGs coming, and Square Enix is to blame

In The Finals, a new squad shooter from Battlefield alumni, everything is destructible

Warcrow Adventures, from the team behind Infinity, rethinks how dungeon crawlers work

Here’s your first look at season 2 of DC’s slice-of-life Batman family comic

Virtual tabletops can make playing RPGs even harder. One More Multiverse wants to fix that

PGA Tour 2K23’s career mode gets more RPG-like

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game is a desperate scramble for survival

Sci-fi shooter Earth: Revival tries to do everything, to its peril

Omega Strikers is a rare competitive game that doesn’t make you feel bad

Bayonetta 3 wants you to express yourself, darling

Warhammer 40K’s latest legend improves one of Magic’s oldest cards

Behind the wisecracks, Forspoken is a messy, interesting action-RPG

Luke Gygax, son of Gary Gygax, is building a new role-playing game with the rules of D&D

Goat Simulator 3: Still a silly game about being a really annoying goat

Gord is a fascinating knot of complex survival systems and Slavic lore

Dredge hooked me with its uncanny blend of fishing and eldritch horror

For NBA 2K23’s next MyCareer story, everyone hates you

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Rick and Morty season 6 promises more multiverses after blowing one up

Behold new pages from legendary artist Alex Ross’ new Fantastic Four epic

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Andor is ‘the most grounded Star Wars you can get,’ says Diego Luna

Kinfire Chronicles is an ambitious new board game that shares a writer with The Witcher 3

Disney will launch a new card game to go up against Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon

Teburu could be the digital board game system that finally catches on

Homeworld 3 is a little fishy, but that’s only because of the coral reefs

NHL 23’s new features could make some longtime fans very happy

True crime and Chicago’s ‘murder castle’ fuel the new Dark Pictures game, The Devil in Me

Obsidian’s Pentiment is a murder mystery, but it’s the fonts that I’m obsessed with

Splatoon 3 looks like a lot more of a good thing

New Homeworld board game includes more than 100 ships and a 10-part campaign

Dead Island 2’s developer wants to make zombies fun again

Dead Island 2 returns, and it’s like the last 10 years never happened

The Devil is a landlord who gets what he deserves in this South American comics anthology

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