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Like A Dragon: Ishin! is the Yakuza games’ Red Dead — and a great place to start

Forza Motorsport will push the Xbox’s limits, developers promise

EA’s golf game returns with more courses, more customization, and more shots

Atomic Heart is a very Russian kind of throwback

The creators of Hulu’s Koala Man flip the adult animation script with sincerity

Visiting Super Nintendo World felt like being inside a Mario game

Junji Ito returns to Magic: The Gathering for Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Yes, you can solo Nightingale; no, it isn’t a steampunk MMO

Diablo 4’s skill tree is no longer that ancient, sick-ass hell tree

Diablo 4 is taking itself very seriously

Castle Panic is a gateway to co-op board games, now it’s even better

In a time before crowdfunding, one couple rolled the dice on an unproven concept

Fae Farm looks like a chill, co-op spin on Stardew Valley

Elite Dangerous’ aliens are pissed and they’re not gonna take it anymore

A word of caution on the new D&D campaign, Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

Marvel’s Midnight Suns leans on superhero friendships to form XCOM bonds

You aren’t ready for how good Marvel’s new Doctor Strange comic looks

The Scarlet Witch returns with a new costume and an MCU favorite in their comics debut

Halo Infinite’s new Forge mode finally makes the game infinite

Hellboy will take one of the greatest folklore villains back to hell

D&D’s Dragonlance board game isn’t a spinoff, it’s part of the story

Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game could rule the galaxy of 2-player card games

Mewgenics: The ‘sequel to Binding of Isaac’ is an infinitely expanding cat combat mashup

Magic’s Brothers’ War brings huge, multi-card monsters into play with revised meld mechanic

Tim Burton taught stop-motion legend Henry Selick how to stay weird, but keep an audience

Apex Legends designers shake up their battle royale with a huge Broken Moon

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet might actually be Pokémon’s Breath of the Wild

Catch an exclusive look at Marvel’s Fantastic Four reset series

Avatar Legends gives the future of Last Airbender over to the fans

Dwayne Johnson says The Rock’s legendary heel turn inspired Black Adam

Role-playing New Tales From the Borderlands’ characters will be like ‘4D chess’

Marvel’s scrollable, phone-friendly comics gamble is paying off

Teen Wolf: The Movie, Wolf Pack expand the gorgeous wolf-people universe

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