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D&D’s next adventures are being designed to come apart at the seams

D&D’s virtual tabletop is off to a slow start, but designers say that’s very much the point

D&D’s revised core rulebooks will help grow better players and more Dungeon Masters

Samba de Amigo wants you to shake it without shame

Final Fantasy 16 is a slick, modern epic with the soul of a PS2 game

Lord of the Rings mobile game asks players to preserve Middle-earth’s history

Niantic’s new game Peridot is part pet sim, part research project

What’s new in Apex Legends season 17?

Street Fighter 6 gets a crucial component of fighting games right: personality

Super Mega Baseball 4 brings MLB stars to a fan-favorite series

D&D 5th edition will live on in Project Black Flag, and The Vineyard leads the way

Beloved D&D art book Art & Arcana gets a 5th edition sequel

Warframe’s latest update is the perfect place for new players to join

Getting the battlefield magic of Immortals of Aveum right took ‘almost two years’

Fallout fans can return to the Commonwealth in the Winter of Atom campaign book

XDefiant is less fun than ‘Tom Clancy’s Smash Bros.’ should be

Here’s what ‘Call of Duty, but with magic’ looks like in action

Disney Lorcana wants to expand the audience for trading card games in a big way

See how Captain Marvel leads the Avengers in Marvel’s new reboot

Star Wars: Shatterpoint lowers the FOMO, amps up the RNG

The Dungeons & Dragons movie gave life to an undead villain with secret backstories and dark powers

How will Life By You compete with The Sims? Deeper role-play

BattleTech: Mercenaries will allow for bigger, faster fights with tanks, flyers, and artillery

Descent Act 2 arrives this fall with a foot-tall miniature and more vertical terrain

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Video game Everywhere crams the ambition of GTA inside a Roblox competitor

Former Rockstar bigshot Leslie Benzies is launching a AAA action game inside his new MMO

Lego 2K Drive builds on the tracks laid by Mario Kart and Forza Horizon

Redfall is a monster-filled sandbox with big immersive sim potential

Shazam! Fury of the Gods deals with Justice League questions in a clever way

The next season of The Walking Dead will take place in your neighborhood, if you want it to

A century later, baseball’s Negro Leagues are getting their due in a video game

65’s directors want to break Jurassic Park’s ‘monopoly on dinosaurs’

World of Warcraft will go underground in Dragonflight’s first big patch

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