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Resident Evil 4 remake Luis heroically standing in the doorway of the Villa

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Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 5 guide to the Villa, Farm, and Siege

Stand your ground at the Villa

Image: Capcom via Polygon
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Resident Evil 4’s fifth chapter sends Leon and Ashley back to the Village Square where they have some treasures to collect before heading to the extraction point. (And you thought Chapter 4 was as intense as it got...)

Our Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 5 walkthrough will make sure you don’t miss any items from the beginning of the chapter through the Church and Village Square, collecting treasures in the Village Square, Village Chief’s Manor, and Farm, and surviving the siege at the Villa.

Escape the church

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon looking at a lantern hanging in Ashley’s room. Image: Capcom via Polygon

After the cutscene, take a right and head back into the room where you found Ashley. There’s a lantern hanging from the ceiling in there. Shoot it down for a yellow diamond.

Back outside, head left and follow the walkway all the way around. Give Ashley a boost, and she’ll kick down the ladder for you. In the attic, smash any barrels you see for attachable mines, handgun ammo, shotgun shells, and pesetas. Once you’ve grabbed everything, jump out of the window.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon and Ashley exiting the Church. Image: Capcom via Polygon

You’ll land on the platform where you picked up a flash grenade back in Chapter 3. Drop to the ground, and you’ll get a phone call.

Head for the extraction point

You’ll get coordinates for an extraction point a little north of the Farm. There’s a lot of ground to cover, but you’ve been across almost all of it before. There are, however, four treasures we haven’t grabbed yet — two of which you need Ashley’s help to reach.

Resident Evil 4 remake map from the Church to the Village Square with items and treasures Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Before you leave the church, duck into the side door to the safe room. Use a small key to open the drawer inside for another Yellow Diamond. Hit the typewriter, and head back outside.

Outside, try to sneak as much as you can and avoid the angry villagers. You’re probably not going to make it far, though. Once you’re spotted, you’ll get mobbed by villagers. Occasionally, one will grab Ashley.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon using a hand grenade on some villagers at the Church Image: Capcom via Polygon

At the front of the church, there are a couple of good choke points if you want to make a stand. If you’ve got a couple hand grenades, they work really well here since the locals will be bunched up.

Head down the hill through the graveyard. There’s a barrel in the center with some pesetas and another at the bottom of the hill with some shotgun shells.

There are a couple more new barrels at the back of the Town Hall with shotgun shells and pesetas.

If you missed it in the Lake, the merchant will now be selling the Red9 handgun. Buy it if you don’t have it already. It’s the best gun in the game. Sell whatever handgun(s) you want to buy some tune ups for it, but don’t sell your gemstones yet. We’re going to go grab some treasures that they can be inlayed into.

If you have the cash, repair your combat knife.

Before you leave the area, there’s a new A Savage Mutt Blue Note Request by the door into the Town Hall. Save at the typewriter.

Village Square treasure

Head through the Town Hall. There’s a new barrel by the door with some pesetas.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon boosting Ashley into the locked building in the Village Square Image: Capcom via Polygon

Deal with the locals out in the Village Square and make your way to the west end. You haven’t been able to get into the last building on your right yet. Walk around to the side to find a window you can boost Ashley into. She’ll open the front door.

Inside, smash the barrel on your left for some rifle ammo and pesetas, and then open the fancy chest for an Elegant Bangle.

Wayshrine 4 // Farm

Snake through the town heading back to the east. Stick to the north side as best you can. We’re heading back to the farm, but the path is blocked. You’ll have to go through the house where you first picked up the shotgun. There’s a new barrel out front with shotgun shells and pesetas.

Keep heading north to the Farm.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon approaching the Wayshrine at the Farm
Wayshrine 5 at the Farm.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Outside of the safe (save) room, there’s a new barrel with shotgun shells, resources (L), and pesetas. Work around to the northern tip of the Farm where there’s a fourth Wayshrine. You’ll run into more locals, include a Brute who drops an emerald.

Open the Wayshrine for an Antique Pipe.

Village Chief’s Manor treasure

The last treasure we need to grab is in the Village Chief’s Manor — it’s up the ladder we revealed at the end of Chapter 2.

Resident Evil 4 remake map from Village Square to the Village Chief’s Manor with items and treasures. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Head back south into the Village Square, and then continue south to the Village Chief’s Manor. There are mercifully no enemies on the way.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon boosting Ashley into the Village Chief’s Manor attic. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Inside, head upstairs and into the bedroom. Boost Ashley into the attic, and she’ll kick down the ladder for you.

Grab the Yellow Herb on your right, the Village Records Vol. 2 file, and A Father’s Portrait file. Head back along that room to find a couple crates with gunpowder and rifle ammo.

Resident Evil 4 remake Clockwork Castellan 5 of 16 location in the Village Chief’s Manor attic.
Clockwork Castellan 5 of 16 location.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

About halfway back, there’s a chair on your right. Crouch next to it and look to the left to spot the Clockwork Castellan 5 of 16. Continue to the back of the attic.

To the left, grab the Photo of the Factory file.

Crouch under the beam to the left, and grab the Village Records Vol. 1 and Photo of a Boy and His Grandfather files and the Antique Camera treasure.

Head back outside and return to the Village Square.

A Savage Mutt Blue Note Request

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon fighting the “Savage Mutt” Image: Capcom via Polygon

When you push through the gate and get back to the Village Square, you’ll get jumped by an extra strong colmillo. Flash grenades are great for knocking it down, but you need to focus on the parasite. When you take it out, it’ll drop an alexandrite.


Get back to the merchant at the east end of town. Placing the two Yellow Diamonds into the Elegant Bangle will get the price up to 22,800 pesetas.

Sell the Elegant Bangle, Antique Pipe, and Antique Camera. You’ll get about 40,000 pesetas total. Cashing in the A Savage Mutt request will also get you 8 spinels.

Grab any upgrades you want, and then save at the typewriter.

Stand your ground // Villa

Once you’re done at the merchant, head north again. This time, you’re going through the farm and making for the extraction point.

When you cross the wooden bridge this time, the villagers will close in on you, but Luis will come to your rescue. After the cutscene, things get intense.

Grab the kitchen knife and wooden planks from the table. There’s a hand grenade and some handgun ammo on another table farther to the right. Even farther over, there are two crates with gunpowder and resources (L).

And, periodically, you can click the right thumbstick to receive more ammo from Luis.

Resident Evil 4 remake villager climbing through the window at the Villa Image: Capcom via Polygon

Over on the far side of the room, shove the bookcase in front of the window. Take the wooden planks to one of the other windows and board it up, and then turn your attention to the other entrances.

The villagers will start coming in. Stay downstairs and deal with them as best you can.

Resident Evil 4 remake a brute villager climbing through the window at the Villa Image: Capcom via Polygon

Eventually, one will show up with a ladder and the fight will move upstairs. Keep at it. When the brute shows up, you’re almost done. If you get overwhelmed, drop back to the ground floor.

Resident Evil 4 remake Luis, Leon, and Ashley at the end of Chapter 5 Image: Capcom via Polygon

Eventually, Ashley will lead you to safety. Well, “safety.”

Our duo has (temporarily) become a trio for Chapter 6. Or if you’re looking for help on a different section of the game, here’s our full Resident Evil 4 remake walkthrough.

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