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Resident Evil 4 remake Village Chief Mendez looking ominous

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Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 6 guide to Checkpoint, Chainsaw Sisters

Make your way from the Checkpoint to the Slaughterhouse

Image: Capcom via Polygon
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Resident Evil 4’s sixth chapter follows Leon and Ashley away from the Villa after the failed extraction in Chapter 5.

Our Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 6 walkthrough will make sure you don’t miss any items from the beginning of the chapter through the Checkpoint and Slaughterhouse, and helps you survive both encounters with Village Chief Mendez.

Escape from the village

After a concerning cutscene and a phone call, you’ll get a new objective.

Resident Evil 4 remake map from the Villa to the Checkpoint with items marked. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

There’s only one path to follow. When you come to the clearing, worth counterclockwise to grab the shotgun shells, rifle ammo, smash a crate from some pesetas, resources (S), and then smash the barrels for some handgun ammo and gunpowder.

Head inside the building for crates with pesetas, and the Merchant Tip: Midnight Stroll file.

The Merchant is selling a new shotgun, the Riot Gun. It’s a good shotgun, so feel free to sell the starting shotgun and pick it up. Hold off on selling any gemstones for now — we’ll get some treasures to slot them into throughout this chapter.

He’ll also have the Red9 Stock in his Trade tab that is indispensable for improving your new handgun’s accuracy. If you don’t have the spinels for it yet, we’ll earn them before too long and pick up the stock during Chapter 7.

Spend some cash on upgrading the Riot Gun and repair your Combat Knife (ours is constantly broken).

Hit the typewriter to save, and then head out.

As you approach the gate, watch along your left for the Tighten the Defenses file.


Resident Evil 4 remake map from the Villa to the Checkpoint with items marked. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Through the gate, you’ll head into a good section for stealth. Use the walls for cover and peek through the gaps in the plank to sneak up on as many of the villagers as you can. It will devolve into a fight — including a brute — so be prepared.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon sneaking into the Checkpoint Image: Capcom via Polygon

Watch on the left for some stairs up. Directly across from the stairs — right above the gate — you’ll find a chest with a yellow diamond. While you’re here, try to snipe with your rifle to clear out the locals before they get to you. Head to the end of the walkway on the right to find a crate with gunpowder and resources (L).

Back on the ground, check the shack on the left for some barrels and crates with pesetas and a blue velvet. On the right, grab the resources (L) and smash the crate for gunpowder. A little farther down, there’s another shack on the left with a hand grenade and barrels holding pesetas and gunpowder. Circle to the back of that shack for a barrel with pesetas and handgun ammo.

When you reach the turn, look behind the blue wall for a crate and barrel with pesetas and gunpowder. Push through the next gate.

Take the first left you come to and go up the stairs into the building. There’s an angry local waiting to grab you. Deal with him, and then smash the crates by the door for pesetas and gunpowder. Open the chest for the Chalice of Atonement treasure.

Back outside, smash the barrels on the left for gunpowder and resources (S).

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon looking at the Clockwork Castellan 6 of 16 location.
Clockwork Castellan 6 of 16 location.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Before you head through the next door in the palisade, look at the bonfire to your right. The Clockwork Castellan 6 of 16 is just in front of it.

Resident Evil 4 remake map of the Checkpoint with items marked Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Snake through the Checkpoint heading south and east. When you get to the open area, you’ll have to deal with a couple patrolling villagers. There is some submachine gun ammo along the souther wall and some handgun ammo in a shack in the southeast corner. The crates just to the north of that shack have some pesetas. Grab the shotgun shells from the boxes in the center of the area, and then head up the stairs onto the walkway.

Take a left at the top of the stairs for a yellow herb. To the right, smash the crates for more pesetas, and then follow the walkway west.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon approaching the Wayshrine in the Checkpoint Image: Capcom via Polygon

Inside the next building, grab the green herb from the table and continue straight through. At the end of the walkway, smash the barrel and crate for pesetas and gunpowder, and then open the Wayshrine for an Elegant Headdress.

Backtrack inside, and stuff Ashley in the locker. At the back of the room on the right, smash the crate and barrel for more pesetas. Stop out through the door and drop down to find another crate and barrel with pesetas and gunpowder.

Shoot both padlocks, and then head into the lower floor of the building.

How to beat the Chainsaw Sisters

Resident Evil 4 remake the Chainsaw Sisters Image: Capcom via Polygon

Grab the first aid spray from the table, and then head to the back wall. When you investigate the crank, you’ll get jumped by two Chainsaw Sisters. They’re going to be accompanied by a mob of villagers, so you’re in for a fight.

Try to flash grenade the Chainsaw Villagers as soon as they come through the wall. You should be able to take out one of them with your knife before the fight even starts. For the rest of the fight, just keep moving around the room and taking out whoever you can. Try to hold back a flash grenade or two for when the tentacle-headed villagers show up — flash grenade deal damage to them once the tentacles are exposed.

When the fighting’s done, grab the sapphire and Checkpoint Crank from the Chainsaw Sisters’ corpses.

Retrieve Ashley and head for the Checkpoint Slot. Use the Crank to open the gate.

Escape Village Chief Mendez

Outside, follow the path until you come to a house.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon looking at a barrel and standing next to a ramp Image: Capcom via Polygon

Around back, check to the right of the ramp onto the roof for a barrel with handgun ammo and pesetas.

Take the ramp to the roof and drop inside. To the left, smash the barrels for pesetas and resources (L). Grab the flash grenade from the table to the right, and the shotgun shells and handgun ammo from the table by the door. Shoot the padlock to get out.

Just outside, check the rubble to your right for some gunpowder.

Before you push through the next gate, take a second to reload all your guns — especially your shotgun and handgun. But this isn’t an actual fight. Instead, you’re going to be running away — you’ll just need some crowd control in the process.

Push through the gate for a quick cutscene. It goes super well.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon looking at a group of angry villagers conveniently approaching an explosive barrel Image: Capcom via Polygon

Don’t both firing a single shot at the Village Chief (although shooting his hat off is super satisfying). Instead, turn and start running. Locals will attack you from the sides, but you can sprint past them easily enough. Toward the top of the hill, watch for an explosive barrel. Shoot it to clear a path.

Watch along your left for a wagon with another explosive barrel. Cut to the left behind it. Turn and blow that barrel to buy a little more time, and then follow the catwalk.


Once the dust settles, you’ll be in a new part of the map. Don’t worry about any loot you didn’t grab — there were no items beyond enemy drops — if anything, you mostly missed out on a few pesetas here and there.

Resident Evil 4 remake map of the Slaughterhouse with items marked Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

A little down the path, you’ll come to a clearing with a merchant stall. On the left, smash the barrels for handgun ammo and pesetas. Near the base of the stairs, grab the handgun ammo on the left. On the right, smash another barrel for pesetas, a spinel, handgun ammo, and gunpowder.

Inlay any three rectangular-cut gemstones you have into the Chalice of Atonement — three emeralds will get it up to 30,800 pesetas. Sell the Chalice of Atonement, the Elegant Headdress, and the Old Wayshrine Key (we’re done with it).

He doesn’t have anything new, so buy your tunes up, hit the typewriter, and move on.

Take the stairs up and into the building. Grab the red herb on the right, and then follow the walkway around. It goes super well.

After the cutscene, the Village Chief will reveal his true form.

Resident Evil 4 remake Village Chief Mendez boss fight first phase Image: Capcom via Polygon

For the first phase of the fight, focus on his head. Stay on the ground floor, and run around him as much as you can. If you’re quick, use the evade prompts to leave him open for extra shots. The Riot Gun works great here. There are also several crates around, so watch for gunpowder and resources (L).

Resident Evil 4 remake Village Chief Mendez boss fight second phase Image: Capcom via Polygon

The second phase is a lot less personal. Mendez will retreat to the other end of the building and throw stuff at you for most of it. Grab the flash grenade, kitchen knife, green herb, and handgun ammo from around the upper walkway.

Resident Evil 4 remake Village Chief Mendez at the far end of the Slaughterhouse holding two explosive barrels Image: Capcom via Polygon

Watch for Mendez to grab explosive barrels. When he does, shoot them with your handgun or rifle to deal a bunch of damage. When he grabs the flaming boards, he’s going to throw two of them at you like spears. Run across the catwalk when that happens to avoid them.

Eventually, Mendez will swing in close with a rushing attack. Try to get to the other side of the walkway when you see him coming. Switch back to your shotgun or handgun and deal some damage. Flash grenades also work well in this phase. You’ll have to knock him down and stab him (at least) two times to finish the fight. All told, though, with the Red9 and Riot Gun, it’s a pretty fast battle.

When he falls, grab Mendez’s False Eye from his corpse, and do a quick sweep for any items you missed. Yes, the building is on fire, but it will wait for you before it collapses. When you’re done, climb through the window to join Ashley outside.

Escape from the village (still)

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon standing under a tree with a treasure circled Image: Capcom via Polygon

Head up the path. When you reach the curve, there will be a tree on your left and a rusty truck on your right. Look up for a lantern hanging in the tree. Shoot it down for an emerald.

Cross the drawbridge to close out the chapter.

We’ll pick back up in the Castle for Chapter 7.

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