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Resident Evil 4 remake Armored Giant on the Castle Battlements

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Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 8 guide to Castle Battlements, Lithograph puzzle

How to solve the Lithograph puzzle in the Bindery

Image: Capcom via Polygon
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Resident Evil 4 remake ’s eighth chapter starts right after Leon and Ashley get separated at the end of Chapter 7.

Our Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 8 walkthrough will make sure you don’t miss any items from the beginning of the chapter through the Wine Cellar, Bindery, and Castle Battlements.

Find Ashley

Another phone call later, Leon will be on his own facing the newly closed gate.

Head left. There’s nothing over by the fountain, so just head straight. There’s a vase with pesetas to the left of the door. Inside, head left and go through the door to find the Merchant.

He’s got the Body Armor now. Our beginner’s guide recommends you don’t buy it (yet). You’ll end up spending too much on repairing it for it to really be worth the time.

He’s also got the Matilda handgun on the Trade tab. You probably won’t have the spinels for it yet, though — and the Red9 is a lot more fun anyway.

We also won’t have any treasures to sell at the moment, so just repair your knife and save at the typewriter. If you have extra cash on hand, buy a tune up.

Wine Cellar

Outside, head up the stairs. At the top, there’s a crate to the right with pesetas and magnum ammo. Take the next set of stairs up.

Resident Evil 4 remake creepy altar in the Castle Wine Cellar. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Inside, you’ll find some kneeling (dead) zealots. Ignore them, and keep to the left. In the hallway, watch for a gap to vault on your right.

When you land, look left for the Consign the Crimson Flame file for a clue about what you’re doing next. There are two statues at the end of the room guarding a locked door. We’ll be back for that in just a minute.

Resident Evil 4 remake map of the Wine Cellar with items Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Crouch, and head through the door in the front left corner of the room. Things are about to get interesting, so reload all of your weapons and craft anything you need — flash grenades are going to be really useful.

Resident Evil 4 remake the red-robed zealot in the Wine Cellar Image: Capcom via Polygon

You’ll see a (the?) cow skull-headed guy — he’s just called a zealot (staff) by the game — from back at the El Gigante boss fight turn some zealots into angry Plaga Mandibulas. Stay crouched and cut to the right.

Smash the crate (silently, apparently) for some pesetas, and continue around the room.

You’re going to have to fight them all at some point, and it’s going to be messy, but we can cut down on some of the drama by being careful right now. While you’re maneuvering, take note of any explosive barrels you see.

When you reach the stairs, take two rights to climb up over where you entered. At the top of the stairs, you’ll be able to stealth kill a zealot. There’s a pair of zealot arbalists up here with you — one to your right, and one on the far side of the room opposite them. Sneak up on them both and dispatch them.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon sneaking up to the switch the drops the extra pointy chandelier Image: Capcom via Polygon

Over by where you came upstairs, there’s a switch overlooking the room. Throw it to drop the oddly deadly chandelier, and it will kill several of the zealots at once. From there, it’s just about cleaning up the rest. Use the exploding barrels as much as you can to save on ammo.

Your real goal is to take out the zealot in red robes. He’s nasty, but a few shots to the head with the Riot Gun will put him down. Pick up the Crimson Lantern from his corpse.

Sweep the room for loot and crates. There are two up on the walkway with pesetas, and two more downstairs also with pesetas. When you’re done, head to the west side of the room — over by where the priest started — and open the chest for a Mirror with Pearls and Rubies.

Resident Evil 4 remake solving the Stone Statue puzzle with the Crimson Lantern. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Head back to the first room, and place the Crimson Lantern in the hand of the Stone Statue to open the gate.

In the next room, unlock the door on the right to open a shortcut back the way you came. Head up the stairs on the left and through the door.

Bindery // Wall with Four Slots puzzle

Smash the barrel in the next hallway for a spinel, and then continue into the next room for a cutscene.

After Ada says her Batman goodbye, sweep the room for loot. Starting from the door you entered through and working clockwise, grab the Lithographic Stone C, Lithographic Stone D, and Lithographic Stone B. Skip the puzzle for now, and open the chest by the fireplace for an Extravagant Clock.

Head back to the Wall with Four Slots puzzle. You have to match the images on the Lithographic Stones to the symbols on the puzzle. The trick here is that each Lithographic Stone has a different image on the back, and you can’t quite see all four symbols.

Resident Evil 4 remake Bindery Lithographic Stone puzzle solution
Bindery Lithographic Stone puzzle solution.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Starting at the top and working clockwise, flip the tiles to find and place the:

  • red shield in a square
  • blue sword in a square
  • blue chest armor in a hexagon
  • red helmet in a hexagon

A door will open ahead of you. Follow the hall to the end. In the next room, ignore the corpse with the wiggling face tentacles, smash the barrel on the left for some rifle ammo, and grab the Iliuminados 3:2 file from the table.

Head through the door and up the stairs. Turn left at the top to find a small key. Duck under the bookcase through the door on the right, and deal with the new spider-y parasite. The game calls them Plagas and, when they attach to a zealot, Plaga Arañas. We’ll just stick with spiders to avoid the confusion there.

At the end of the hall, loop around to the right and go down the stairs to find the Merchant.


We’ve got a few treasures to unload, so inlay any gems you can — the Extravagant Clock takes one round and one square gemstone. You can earn up to 27,500 pesetas with a red beryl and a yellow diamond.

Sell the Mirror with Pears and Rubies and the Extravagant Clock. Our advice remains the same about the Body Armor, so just repair your knife and buy a tune up or three.

When you’re done, save at the typewriter, and then attack the counterweight to open the gate.

Castle Battlements

Resident Evil 4 remake map of the first leg of the Castle Battlements Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Outside, take the first left for a barrel with resources (S) and pesetas. Check the top of the tower ahead of you for a few zealot arbalists.

Resident Evil 4 remake aiming at zealot arbalists through a scope Image: Capcom via Polygon

Save one shot for the counterweight to the left of the drawbridge. When you shoot that, the drawbridge will lower and you’ll get attacked by a few more zealots.

When you hit the first tower, ignore the lock and lever ahead of you and turn left. Watch for a spider parasite to come down the stairs along the wall (ick), and head up. Deal with the zealot and a second spider up top, and then smash the barrels for resources (S) and pesetas.

Resident Evil 4 remake map of the second leg of the Castle Battlements with items marked Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Step through the door with a sun symbol above it — ignore this lever too. Drop down the ladder and smash the barrel for rifle ammo. Turn around and go through the sun door.

Drop down to the next level. Head forward and into the dogleg for a barrel with some pesetas. If you shoot the two zealots from here, it’ll save you some trouble later. Head back into the tower and follow the hall around. Deal with the zealots and spiders, and follow the hall to the far side for a barrel with a green herb. Pass through the room in the center and turn around to the right to find another lever. Hit it, and then follow the hall behind you.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon approaching a hole in the floor inside the Castle Battlements. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Through the moon door, use the boards to climb up. Climb onto the platform on your left and deal with the two zealots a little farther to the right. Turn around, and drop through the hole in the floor.

Deal with two more zealots, and head into the room at the end of the hall — you’ll be in the next tower at this point. Loop around to the right to find a chest with an Ornate Necklace. (It holds two square and two round gemstones.)

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon using a lantern to light a zealot on fire Image: Capcom via Polygon

Climb the ladder back up and smash the barrel to the left for some handgun ammo and pesetas. Unlock the door, and take the stairs up. There are four zealots waiting for you — shoot the lantern over the arbalist across from you on the stairs for some fun.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon facing a counterweight on the Castle Battlements. Image: Capcom via Polygon

In the room at the top of the stairs, smash the barrel for some rifle ammo. If you look through the gate by that barrel, you’ll spot another counterweight on the tower you just came from. Shoot it to open a path back — we’ll get to it (much) later. Continue up the next set of stairs.

Armored Giant boss fight

After a cutscene and some Leon-brand wordplay, you’ll regain control.

Resident Evil 4 remake map of the third leg of the Castle Battlements Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

As soon as you can, sprint to the shield ahead of you and to the left — it’ll protect you from the giant’s projectiles. Don’t waste any ammo shooting at him. Wait for a gap in the stuff he’s throwing, and drop off the ladder to the left.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon running toward a shield on the Castle Battlements. He’s about to be jumped by a zealot. Image: Capcom via Polygon

At the bottom, turn left again and shoot the counterweight hanging there. Sprint across the battlement ahead of you and duck behind the next shield. Deal with the two zealots. Face away from the giant, and run behind the wall. Smash the barrel on the way for a green herb. Around the far side of that chunk of wall, there is some gunpowder to grab.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon standing in a doorway with two zealot arbalists in the distance. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Duck into — but not through — the doorway on the left. Before you go running, there are two arbalists ahead of you to deal with, and taking them out from here will save a lot of trouble.

Resident Evil 4 remake map of the fourth leg of the Castle Battlement Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

You’re not going to make it all the way to where they were standing — the battlement doesn’t go that far. Instead, run forward and, when you drop, keep running forward. You’ll hit a locked door guarded by a zealot. Get behind the wall for protection from the giant, and the deal with the zealot — and the second one coming up behind you.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon running along the Castle Battlements toward a pair of moon and sun shutters. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Turn around and head back the way you came to find a small room. Smash the crate on the right for some resources (S) and pesetas. Throw the switch and go through the sun door.

When you drop, immediately turn left and get behind the wall. Deal with the zealot, and then go smash the barrel against the far wall for some pesetas and handgun ammo.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon standing under a lantern holding a ruby treasure. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Head back the other way and through the sun door. Look up as you enter to see a lantern with a ruby. Smash the (non-explosive) barrel inside for some pesetas.

There is a ladder against the first wall outside — on the giant’s side, of course. Wait for an opening and sprint out to climb it. Take a right at the top and run into the next tower.

Loop around. Before you go free the counterweight, use a small key on the drawer to the left for an Ornate Beetle treasure.

In the main room, smash the barrel for pesetas and hit the counterweight. Deal with the zealot, and then climb the ladder. Take a left and smash the barrel at the foot of the stairs for handgun ammo. Go hit the counterweight and take the stairs up.

Use the two shields at the top to loop back to the barrel behind you for some more handgun ammo. Wait for another attack, and then sprint to the cannon.

Resident Evil 4 remake using the cannon to shoot the Armored Giant. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Use the cannon to put down the Armored Giant, and then turn it to the left. Shoot the zealots in front of the gate, and then the gate itself to open your path forward.

Drop off the ledge to the south (left from the cannon). Shoot the counterweight to your left, and then drop down again. Head all the way to the gate you just shot open.

At the far end, things will get exciting in a cutscene. Afterward, follow the hallway inside. The next door you push through will bring you to the Courtyard (finally).

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon entering the Courtyard Image: Capcom via Polygon

Take a right and follow the balcony all the way to the locked door at the other end. Unlock it and push through to reunite with Ashley.

We’ll pick up after Leon’s pep talk in Chapter 9. Or you can return to our full Resident Evil 4 remake walkthrough here.

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