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Resident Evil 4 remake Leon in the Treasury in front of the sword puzzle

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Resident Evil 4 remake Sword puzzle solution

Where to put the Golden, Iron, Rusted, and Bloodied Swords in Chapter 7

Image: Capcom via Polygon
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After a quick detour through Resident Evil 4’s Dungeons in Chapter 7, you’ll head into the Treasury. The puzzle you’ll need to solve to return to the Audience Chamber requires you to place four swords into a series of (bas-)reliefs on the wall.

Our Resident Evil 4 remake sword puzzle guide will help you solve Chapter 7’s Treasury puzzle by placing the Golden, Iron, Rusted, and Bloodied Swords in the correct order.

Sword puzzle solution

When you first walk into the Treasury — after defeating the Garrador in the Dungeons — the first three swords are already placed in reliefs on the wall. They’re in the wrong orders, so just grab the Golden, Iron, and Rusted Swords.

Examine the lock on the gate to the left to see an eagle, stag, and snake. To the left of the door, pull the chain to ring the stag gong — you’ll see it light up on the lock as well. The others are on the other side of the gate. Ashley will point out that you could just shoot the other gongs. Do so. The eagle and the snake are both on the right side.

In the next room, grab the Bloodied Sword from the statue.

Image: Capcom via Polygon
Resident Evil 4 remake Treasury sword puzzle solution.

Now you have to place the four Swords into the reliefs on the wall to tell a story (like Ashley suggests). The knight’s sword starts off normal, they gets blessed by a religious figure, the sword gets used in battle, and then the sword is exposed to the elements at the knight’s grave.

From left to right, place them in this order: Iron, Golden, Bloodied, and Rusted.

Step through the door to return to the Audience Chamber on the second floor walkway.

You can find our full Resident Evil 4 remake walkthrough here.

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