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Where to find the Wrench in Resident Evil 4 remake

How to upgrade your keycard to Level 3

The examine screen for the wrench in the Resident Evil 4 remake Image: Capcom via Polygon
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In Chapter 13 of the Resident Evil 4 remake, Leon S. Kennedy is tasked with finding a wrench in order to open the card reader in the incubation labs that will upgrade his keycard to level 3, allowing him to rescue Ashley from her temporary imprisonment.

Because of a few misleading factors, this mission can be a bit more difficult than you’d think. Here’s how to find the wrench.

Wrench location clues in Resident Evil 4 remake

After following the objective marker to the keycard reader in the Incubation Labs, you’ll discover that a grate is covering the panel. Leon comments to himself that he’ll need a wrench to open it. Despite the fact that there are red wrenches lying on several workbenches throughout this chapter, those aren’t the wrenches Capcom wants you to find. It can be a bit misleading!

A map showing the Incubation Labs in Chapter 13 of the Resident Evil 4 remake Image: Capcom via Polygon

What’s more, a note on the floor above the Incubation Labs, which highlights the word “tool” (a strong nod to the wrench in question), is also a bit confusing. According to the file labelled “Case 2002-f: Escaped Test Subject,” said subject escaped cryogenic stasis, went on a killing spree, and was eventually contained. Because of the wording, though, it’s unclear whether the wrench is inside some corpse somewhere else in the level, or back in the test labs from which it initially escaped.

Resident Evil 4 remake Wrench location

Worry not: We’re here to tell you that the test subject is, in fact, back in cryogenic stasis. Equip whichever rifle you’ve been using (in our best guns guide, we recommend rolling with the Stingray), make sure the heat scope is attached, and aim at the Regenerador floating in the tube at the Southeast corner of the Incubation Labs. You’ll see the wrench outlined in its stomach. (Do these things have stomachs?)

A Regenerador floating in cryostasis with a wrench in its stomach in the Resident Evil 4 remake Image: Capcom via Polygon

Before you start shooting in order to break the tank and release the Regenerador, know that you can kill the upper two parasites with one shot if you stand slightly to the left of the tank. Once the glass breaks and the creature escapes, you’ll only have one parasite left to eliminate.

Recover the wrench, open the grate on the card reader, and insert your keycard to begin the upgrade process. This being a survival-horror game, the key will actually take a bit of time to fully upgrade — you’ll need to defend against a horde of enemies in the Incubation Labs before the key is ready to withdraw. Once it does, you’re one step closer to rescuing Ashley and escaping the underground facility.

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