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For all the latest news on science fiction movies, TV shows, games, and more. Plus the future!!

Sweet Tooth season 2 trailer promises a more surreal fairy-tale apocalypse

Zack Snyder let slip he’s making a ‘ridiculous scale’ RPG video game based on his new movie

The 5 best sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix in March

The Riddick trilogy has one thing no other sci-fi franchise can match

My Hunger Games poster reminds me you can’t judge a book by the movie

65’s twist makes the dino-fighting movie just a little more interesting

If you loved Metroid Dread, Metroid Fusion is where the story starts

You can now watch Mystery Science Theater 3000’s new season for free

Picard season 3 is becoming a finale for ’90s Trek, and might just save the show

Apple’s next epic sci-fi show is Silo, starring Dune’s Rebecca Ferguson

Prometheus’ fake TED Talk could not predict how we feel about tech billionaires

Apple’s retrofuturistic Hello Tomorrow! has become the ultimate crypto show

The best Riker episodes of Star Trek, without question

A brief history of Mandalore, The Mandalorian’s most important planet

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What Worf really meant to Star Trek legend Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn’s Klingon officer is Star Trek’s MVP

Dune spinoff series shuts down, loses its director and star

If every franchise needs a kid, at least Star Trek: Picard does it well

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Thanos has nothing on The Fifth Element’s Zorg

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All hail Garlic Jr., the only Dragon Ball villain who actually won (kinda)

The 5 best sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix in February

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Kang went from Marvel’s weirdest villain to the MCU’s future

Let’s talk about Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s two post-credits scenes

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Alien’s Xenomorph is the ‘perfect organism,’ fit for any sci-fi story

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We need Lex Luthor now more than ever

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Gargoyles’ David Xanatos is so evil and cool, a 1,500-year-old trope was named after him

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Multiverse stories produce the most nihilistic villains

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania goes too big and too small at the same time

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Halo dropped the ball on Cortana’s villainous turn

One area of Halo 5’s campaign showed so much potential, in retrospect

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The femme fatale is never more fatal than in sci-fi

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The Transformers movies are one long Optimus Prime villain origin story

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Hbomberguy’s jump into comics chronicles the rise of history’s dumbest villain

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Why is every character suddenly an ‘antihero’ now?

What happens when no one can call a villain a villain

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