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Comic style illustration featuring cosplay characters from Comic-Con

Polygon at SDCC 2021

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Polygon’s official ridiculous SDCC news generator

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First Dragon Ball Super: Superhero character concepts revealed

The Walking Dead’s final season trailer introduces us to the Commonwealth

Todd McFarlane explains that King Spawn is not a king but he is a ‘king,’ in the Spawn-sense

Dark Horse promises ‘It’s not just straight white boy comics anymore’

Doctor Who series 13 trailer hints at the show’s new serialized approach

Marvel X-Men writers plan to burn it all down in upcoming Inferno event

Amazon’s Wheel of Time showrunner is doing everything he can in advance to avoid having a bad series finale

Blade Runner anime Black Lotus gets first trailer

Stephen Amell and Loki creator enter the SDCC ring for Heels

The first trailer for Dexter’s new season revives the killer instinct

Stargate Atlantis cast reunites to remember just how popular Stargate Atlantis was

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Tuvix will never die: The story of a Star Trek meme

Kevin Smith says Masters of the Universe: Revelation is He-Man ‘for grown ups’

There’ll be new Dune stories in the future, no matter how the movie does

Rick and Morty’s Comic-Con panel took Comic-Con as seriously as Rick and Morty would

Captain Janeway is back in the first trailer for Star Trek: Prodigy

Lucifer creators on the final season, ‘the last year we can surprise people’

A first look at the hero bunny of Netflix’s Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles

Becoming Storm Shadow meant more than learning moves for Snake Eyes’ Andrew Koji

The Marvel and DC games you never played, but should have

The Dragon Prince panel dropped lots of out-of-context clues for fans to solve

Heavy Metal Publishing wants you to know it’s still rocking post-pandemic

Star Wars team reveals the next, grim stage of The High Republic prequel initiative

Bone creator Jeff Smith got his ‘dream team’ for Netflix animated series

Adventure Time’s Wizard City will explore a Dark One’s past

Robert Kirkman promises more Invincible, more Walking Dead, and beyond

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond promises to fill in some TWD universe gaps

Netflix’s Army of the Dead prequel Army of Thieves already has a trailer

John Constantine is leaving Legends of Tomorrow, but his actor will return

The future of Wonder Woman lies with Queen Nubia of the Amazons

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Junji Ito thinks the world has gotten scarier, but not as scary as his manga

The Owl House, Amphibia cross over and tease the future at SDCC 2021

Two Magic designers walk into a tavern to discuss D&D cards

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Each July, comic, movie, TV, and cosplay fans descend upon southern California for the annual San Diego Comic-Con — or they usually do.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the convention pivoted online in the form of livestream panels airing on YouTube, Twitter, and wherever video players can be found. While much of the country has cautiously sprung back, SDCC 2021 continues the trend out of the safety of its patrons. Luckily, the event is still packing in talent-filled panels, including new looks at mainstays like Star Trek, Adventure Time, Marvel and DC Comics, Magic: The Gathering, and Doctor Who. Though it’s being conducted entirely in the Zoom style that many of us have grown accustomed to over the last year and a half, Comic-Con still promises to offer fans loads of news, announcements, cheeky interviews, and celebration.

While we’re saddened not to be there in person in 2021, Polygon’s goal is to still cover the event like nothing’s changed, bringing you all the trailers, breaking news, and reports from the panels. Plus, virtual con-goers should keep their eyes peeled for a number of bigger features that fit right into the spirit of the event.

Throw on your replica armor or superhero emblem t-shirt of choice — it’s Comic-Con time.