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Marvel’s What If...? season 2 is coming early 2023 with more Captain Carter, Neil Gaiman’s 1602

Marvel Studios gave a first look at the Disney Plus show on Friday

Animated Captain Carter from What If holds her shield up Images: Marvel Studios
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Marvel Studios’ What If...? will return for a second season in early 2023 on Disney Plus. The company debuted a first look at the new season during a panel Friday at San Diego Comic-Con.

Reporters on the scene noted the trailer is filled with appearances by recognizable characters in unrecognizable situations (Steve Rogers as the Winter Soldier, anyone?), as well as an episode based on Neil Gaiman’s alternative universe limited series 1602. There’s also a fight between Shang-Chi characters and Odin, and Iron Man stuck on the trash planet Sakaar in a special racing episode. Marvel also shared that production on a third season is in progress, and a spin-off show Marvel Zombies is in the works.

Created by A.C. Bradley, who also wrote some Ms. Marvel episodes, What If...? debuted on Disney Plus in 2021. Based on a comics anthology series, this animated show takes an interesting approach to the Marvel Cinematic Universe; instead of following the timeline fans know, it takes on alternative timelines in the multiverse, exploring what could have happened if things unfolded different in the movies.

The first nine episodes spanned plenty of different Marvel franchises and characters, like Captain America, Black Panther, and Iron Man. The first episode, for instance, asks what would have happened if Peggy Carter was given the Super Soldier Serum and became Captain America. The second season, which is also slated for nine episodes, is expected to create chaos and switch up the stories for many more Marvel heroes.

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