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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero gets Comic-Con trailer ahead of August release

Piccolo and Gohan’s starring turn is almost here

The latest Dragon Ball Super movie has almost arrived in the states but before it does fans got one final preview during the Super Hero panel at San Diego Comic-Con. To celebrate the movie’s American theatrical release on Aug 4, Crunchyroll hosted a panel that featured, among other guests, Piccolo’s American (Christopher Sabat) and Japanese (Toshio Furukawa) voice actors, and a new dubbed trailer just for the event.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero tells the story of a new crop of dangerous Androids and the return of the Red Ribbon Army. This time around the Androids were created by Dr. Gero’s grandson, Dr. Hedo, who is even more brilliant. His two creations are modeled after the kind of classic superheroes he loves, and their only purpose is to defeat the aliens hiding out on Earth, also known as Piccolo and the Saiyans.

While Piccolo and Gohan have always played important roles in Dragon Ball storylines, this time around they’re the stars of the film, with Piccolo leading the quest to save the Earth and his friends from this new threat.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the second feature film in the Dragon Ball Super series. The film was written by Dragon Ball’s original creator Akira Toriyama with visuals from Teoi Animation that mix CGI with the series’ signature hand-drawn style.

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