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Keanu Reeves and Donnie Yen square off in a sword and gun fight in the John Wick 4 trailer

Yeah, I’m thinking he’s back

Pete Volk (he/they) is Polygon’s Senior Curation Editor, with a particular love for action and martial arts movies.

John Wick is back and ready to add to his body count. The trailer for the fourth entry in the action franchise dropped Friday night at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, featuring a whole lot of thrilling action and plenty of Donnie Yen. Sign us up!

Per Variety, the trailer was a surprise debut during another SDCC panel where director Chad Stahelski was a panelist. Reeves “crashed” the panel and debuted the footage.

What are the chances the fourth movie in the franchise is any good? It’s happened before, and the hit rate of the Wick franchise thus far and the incredible cast are promising signs. In addition to the returns of Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane, and Lance Reddick, the newest entry adds Yen, Hiroyuki Sanada, Bill Skarsgård, and martial arts actor stalwarts Scott Adkins and Marko Zaror.

In the trailer, we see glimpses of Skarsgård’s character, but it is of course Yen and Sanada who steal the show. There are multiple fight scenes featuring Yen previewed in the clip — one where he and Reeves fight with both a gun and a sword, and one where he and Sanada have a swordfight. I, for one, cannot wait.

John Wick 4 is slated for a theatrical release March 24, 2023.

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