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Tabletop Games

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Long live the friendly local tabletop game store

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Tabletop designers are making players cry, and working to keep them safe

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Queer tabletop games are having a moment

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The fork in the road facing third-party tabletop RPGs

Critical Role reaches a grim new milestone in the latest episode of Campaign 3

The first cards for Lorcana, Disney’s answer to Magic: The Gathering, are spectacular

Luke Gygax, son of Gary Gygax, is building a new role-playing game with the rules of D&D

Congratulations to Monty Python fans, there is finally an RPG for you

Dungeons & Dragons publisher apologizes for racist content in Spelljammer

Kill Team: Into the Dark is just the beginning of an epic new storyline in the 40K universe

D&D’s attempts to root out racism in its books have taken a step backward

Zine Quest 4: Tiny indie games about outlaws, outer space, and an animal drag race

Kickstarter’s new director of games will fight the growing lack of trust in the platform

Kinfire Chronicles is an ambitious new board game that shares a writer with The Witcher 3

Disney will launch a new card game to go up against Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon

Teburu could be the digital board game system that finally catches on

My favorite new Jane Austen adaptation is an elaborate game of Dungeons & Dragons

New Homeworld board game includes more than 100 ships and a 10-part campaign

Here’s why Magic: The Gathering fans are so damn excited about the new ‘pain lands’

One D&D includes a new virtual tabletop and digital book bundles

D&D is reviving Planescape with a three-volume boxed set, coming in 2023

D&D’s Dragonlance reboot takes its inspiration from Saving Private Ryan, 1917

The Doctors Who are coming to Magic: The Gathering — all of them

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Luxury dice dominate at Gen Con

Dispel Dice, Level Up Dice, and dozens more litter the floor with beautiful, painful-to-step-on treasures

How to watch the Pokémon World Championships

The new D&D album rips, and it’s free to play and download

Spelljammer is for losers

The five weirdest Spelljammer creatures to spice up your D&D campaign

Roll-and-write board games are having their moment in the sun

How to kickstart your miniature Jeff Goldblum collection

The most chaotic board games from Gen Con 2022

Read an exclusive excerpt from R.A. Salvatore’s new Drizzt novel, Glacier’s Edge

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