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Dragon Ball Z is now available in the original Japanese on Crunchyroll

Pretty Little Liars and Riverdale exist in the same universe, because sure, why not

The best HBO Max originals and where to watch them

Disney Plus is getting an ad tier — and getting more expensive

The best TV shows of 2022, so far

Never Have I Ever season 3 is racing toward the end

Sandman’s Cain and Abel were inspired by the most important book ever: Tales From the Crypt

Pour one out for the first hit Sandman TV show: Lucifer

The Sandman never explains Dream’s powers and that’s OK

The Corinthian in Netflix’s Sandman had to be sexy — even with those eyes

The Sandman star is glad the show isn’t a ‘CGI orgy’

In The Sandman, Neil Gaiman drew from comics history to create his own

The biggest questions we have for The Sandman season 2

The Sandman’s Dream doesn’t show much emotion — that’s what his friends are for

Paper Girls lets its teens actually confront — and live with — death

‘Please don’t do it’: Everything Neil Gaiman has said about adapting Sandman through the years

​​Netflix’s The Sandman is a great ad for the Sandman comics

Everything to know about Netflix’s The Sandman before watching

Netflix’s The Sandman is different from the comic — it’s what Neil Gaiman wanted

What We Do in the Shadows keeps giving Guillermo (and Harvey Guillén) some of the best fight scenes on TV

Netflix’s YA vampire romance series First Kill has been canceled after one season

Game of Thrones upgraded to 4K HDR on HBO Max, not ‘too dark’ anymore

The Arrowverse as we know it will end with The Flash next year

Is Westworld season 4 worth watching? Depends on what you came to Westworld for

New Star Wars: Andor trailer shows the early days of the Rebel Alliance

Every new movie and show coming to Disney Plus in August

Every movie and show coming to Netflix in August

Nichelle Nichols, the USS Enterprise’s Lt. Uhura, dies at 89

Ken Jennings takes us home to ‘regular Virginia’ in a great Jeopardy! callback

Peacock’s The Resort gives true-crime enthusiasts what they need: a mirror

Harley Quinn season 3 completes the Deadpooling of the Batman universe

How did a film about Marilyn Monroe end up as Netflix’s first NC-17 release?

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