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The Halloween Countdown: 31 days of horror to watch

Kid Cudi’s Entergalactic owes more to Beyoncé than Spider-Verse

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War finally has a streaming service thanks to Disney

House of the Dragon has no bright future in store for its kids

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Black Panther 2 trailer’s new Iron Man is the one and only Ironheart

Every new movie and show coming to Disney Plus in October

Every movie and show coming to Netflix in October

House of the Dragon episode 7 masks its true violence behind royal rituals

All the dragons in House of the Dragon

Daemon is too complicated to just be House of the Dragon’s ‘villain’

House of the Dragon changed Laenor’s fate

The Rings of Power’s best character showed up, kicked ass, and died

What if Rings of Power’s Sauron really is just the most obvious person?

Even Tolkien was never really sure where orcs came from

The Community movie is finally happening, with most of the cast on board

The Rings of Power clears up Adar’s mystery, but confuses The Lord of the Rings

Let’s talk about The Rings of Power’s big geographical reveal

She-Hulk just assembled Marvel’s most D-list supervillain squad

7 anime to watch if you like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Andor is the angriest Star Wars has ever been

Mon Mothma returns to Star Wars as Andor’s less-than-perfect hero

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Star Trek has truly reinvented itself

The sci-fi franchise is all TV these days, and there’s something for (almost) everyone

Who sword fights better: House of the Dragon or The Rings of Power?

Laena Velaryon’s story on House of the Dragon got a significant tweak

The best Star Wars droids, according to us

HBO’s The Last of Us has its first trailer

Netflix’s Gudetama series gets a trailer and a release date

What we learned at Marvel’s secret screening of Werewolf By Night

James Earl Jones stepping back from his role as Darth Vader’s voice

Sorting through House of the Dragon’s many new kid characters

Larys Strong has manipulated his way into House of the Dragon’s game of thrones

House of the Dragon’s massive time jump turns up the heat

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