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Polygon is finally on TikTok!

Follow us @polygon for video game opinion pieces, news, and memes!

XTINA GG makes short-form videos for Polygon’s TikTok and Instagram channels, in addition to co-hosting streams and YouTube videos. They joined Polygon in 2022.

Polygon is finally on TikTok! Follow the account @polygon for a variety of nerdy video game and entertainment content, including thoughtful video essays, interesting facts, game news, and ridiculously amusing gaming moments.

I’m Christina “XTINA GG” Gayton, and I’m the new video team member making content for Polygon’s TikTok (and eventually Twitch)! Having grown up watching anime, playing video games, and cosplaying at conventions, working at Polygon feels like a total dream. Currently, my favorite game is Valorant, but I’m also excited for Palia and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to release.

Here are some examples of what you can find on our TikTok page:

A video essay on the best video game grass


You ever seen grass that brings you to tears? #videogames #videoessay #gaming

♬ original sound - Polygon

A video essay on Arcane and gay representation


GAY ALERT Arcane’s gays are not the gays you’re used to #Arcane #caitlynxvi #foryourpride

♬ original sound - Polygon

Remembering this Yakuza adult diaper fight scene


Would you rather FIGHT diapered adults or BE the diapered adult? #gamingmeme #yakuzakiwami2 #weirdgamestoplay

♬ original sound - Polygon

SpongeBob in WWE, a clip from our 24-hour charity Twitch stream Polygonathon


Who’s trying to see Daddy Sponge go up against The Rock? #wwe2k22 #cursedgames #gamingmeme

♬ original sound - Polygon

Got ideas for the kind of TikToks you’d like to see? Feel free to make suggestions in the comments!

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