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Zelda Breath of the Wild Champions’ Ballad guide: Ruvo Korbah shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

A Major Test of Strength+ south of the Temple of Time

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In this The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide, we’ll show you how to find Ruvo Korbah shrine south of the Temple of Time.

The Champions’ Ballad adds a new main story quest for you to take on after you’ve tamed all four Divine Beasts. The first stage of EX The Champions’ Ballad presents you with a new series of challenges on the Great Plateau.

Once you claim the One-Hit Obliterator from the Shrine of Resurrection, you’ll have to travel around the Great Plateau to four locations. Near each waypoint on your map, you’ll have to defeat a group of enemies to reveal the shrine.

The key to these Great Plateau challenges is counterintuitive: Don’t rely on your shiny new weapon. The One-Hit Obliterator deals infinite damage, but you’ll also die with one hit (even from something as silly as bees). You’ve still got your bows and arrows. Use them first, then rely on the Obliterator when an enemy closes the distance. That means you’re going to want as many arrows of every kind as you can find and afford.

Finding Ruvo Korbah shrine

The waypoint marked on your map is about halfway between Ja Baij shrine (and the Eastern Abbey) and Owa Daim shrine. We prefer Owa Daim because it lets you paraglide down toward the enemy camp without being seen — and lets you take the high ground.

From Owa Daim shrine, paraglide northeast. Watch for a clearing below you with a large rock in the center. If you land on the rock, you’ll be able to see all the enemies around you. Start taking shots with your bow to thin out their numbers.

Watch for the three lizalfos archers on their own rocks, as well as a bokoblin and lizalfos duo that approach from your right.

Your major challenges this time are the two bokoblins on horseback (stalhorseback?) and the moblin off to your left. Stay on your rock and draw them to you. If and when you do drop to the ground, try to knock the bokoblins off of their mounts, then take them out with the obliterator.

Ruvo Korbah shrine

There’s no secret to the first room of this shrine. It’s a one-on-one fight against a Guardian. But you’ve got the One-Hit Obliterator, so this doesn’t have to be a struggle. Stun it with a arrow to the eye — a regular arrow works, but a shock arrow is better (and an ancient arrow is best, obviously). When it’s stunned, close the gap and hit it one time with the Obliterator.

But wait, there’s more!

  1. Go through the door and collect your bomb arrows out of the chest.
  2. Hit the switch at the top of the stairs, then head back into the first room to descend to the lower level.
  3. Turn left after the door, then move slowly forward. There’s a mini Guardian waiting for you down the hall on your left. You can take it down with a single eye-shot.
  4. Head up the stairs behind it and shoot the Guardian waiting for you at the top. Take care of quickly, because there’s another, tougher Guardian on your left.
  5. Stun it, then kill it with the Obliterator.
  6. Cross the room, then go down the stairs on the far side. There’s yet another mini Guardian on your left, then another on the walkway above you. Use the corner of the hallway for cover.
  7. Before you go up top, take the hallway on your left on the bottom floor. Follow its twists and turns to find a chest containing an giant ancient core.
  8. Head back out of the hallway and climb the ladder on your right. Behind where the Guardian was, there’s a chest with the small key for the door back where you first came in. Turn left from the chest and drop off the ledge. The locked door is just ahead of you on the right.
  9. The final room has four Guardians waiting for you. Run to the right or left as soon as you can to take cover behind the fences.
  10. Shock arrows or bomb arrows (like the ones you picked up earlier) are great here because they not only stun the Guardians, but have a chance to knock them off of their platforms. You won’t get a loot drop from them, but you also won’t have to fight them for long.
  11. Once all four are handled, loop around the room — either to the right or left — to get up to the walkway across the middle, then drop down to the exit and your spirit orb.