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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide and walkthrough

Learn all about shrines, quests, towers, cooking and so much more

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is as remarkable as it is enormous. As we wrote in our beginner’s guide, it’s also a game that wants you to play at your leisure while figuring pretty much everything out for yourself. Sometimes, though, that isn’t easy or obvious. Breath of the Wild’s unmitigated freedom can be confusing, and we’re here to help.

In Polygon’s Breath of the Wild guide — every part of which appears in the links below — we’ll help you find your way through the continent of Hyrule. You’ll find stories offering you tips, tricks and strategies, as well as guides for cooking, for finding secrets and treasure, quest walkthroughs and the locations and solutions to the game’s myriad shrines.

Now that The Master Trials, the first expansion to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is in the, er, wild, we’ve updated our guide with tips, tricks, walkthroughs, item locations and more for the DLC. You can see those immediately below. Don’t worry, though: You’ll still find dozens of guides for the rest of the game just beneath the new ones, too.

The Champions’ Ballad DLC guides

The Champions’ Ballad DLC expands Breath of the Wild in several ways. Our guides will help you find all of the new gear, defeat your enemies and much more.

New clothes and armor

EX Champions’ Ballad Shrines (Great Plateau)

EX Mipha’s Song shrines and boss fight

EX Champion Revali’s Song shrines and boss fight

EX Champion Daruk’s Song shrines and boss fight

EX Champion Urbosa's Song shrines and boss fight

Shrine of Resurrection

The Master Trials DLC guides

The Master Trials brings a new gameplay mode (Master Mode), a horde mode-style challenge (Trial of the Sword), a couple new tools for exploring Hyrule (the Travel Medallion and Hero’s Path) and some new outfits and armor. The guides in this section will teach you everything you need to know about The Master Trials.

Great Plateau Season Pass bonus chests locations

When you purchase the Season Pass for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s DLC, you’ll get a “Purchase Bonus” of three chests. The screen you see when you first fire up the game with the DLC installed will tell you that they’re scattered around the Great Plateau. In our Breath of the Wild DLC bonus chests guide, we’ll show you how to find them all.

The Master Trials new armor

Master Mode

A hard mode challenge to even seasoned players.

Travel Medallion and Hero’s Path

Trial of the Sword

Trial of the Sword walkthroughs

There are nearly infinite ways to approach Trial of the Sword’s beginning trials. In this guide, we’ll offer you strategies for clearing every floor, with several goals assumed throughout: save your weapons, be stealthy and find every item before you leave.

Beginning trials
Middle Trials
Final Trials

Guides that give you a big head start

The guides in this section explain Breath of the Wild’s basics — everything from the Blood moon to cooking, recipes, making money and grinding for loot.

Weapon and armor guides

Looking for the best weapons and armor in the game? The guides in this section have you covered.

Finding important landmarks

It’s difficult to remember where everything is. With these guides, you don’t have to.

Korok seeds

Everything you need to know about Breath of the Wild’s golden turds — including a guide that’ll show you how to get 45 korok seeds in about an hour.

Finding secrets, treasures and more

Breath of the Wild is full of hidden items, secrets and treasures. These guides will tell you where they are and how to get them.

Breath of the Wild horse guides

Defeating tough enemies and bosses

Some enemies are hard. These guides make the fights easier.

Main quest walkthroughs

Main quests are the core of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In this section, we’ll walk you through every one of them.

  • The Isolated Plateau
  • Follow the Sheikah Slate
  • Seek out Impa
  • Locked Mementos
  • Reach Zora's Domain
  • Divine Beast Vah Ruta
  • Captured Memories: How to find all picture locations
  • The last captured memory
  • Divine Beast Vah Medoh
  • Divine Beast Vah Naboris
  • Divine Beast Vah Rudania
  • Defeat Ganon

Divine Beast quest and Hyrule Castle walkthroughs

Everything you need to know about every Divine Beast. Every puzzle solved. Every treasure uncovered. Every Ganon defeated.

  • Divine Beast Vah Ruta
  • Divine Beast Vah Medoh
  • Divine Beast Vah Naboris
  • Divine Beast Vah Rudania
  • Hyrule Castle and Calamity Ganon

Side quest walkthroughs

Our curated collection of Breath of the Wild’s best and most lucrative side quests.

  • The Royal Guard’s Gear
  • Leviathan Bones
  • A Wife Washed Away
  • Legendary Rabbit Trial
  • Sunshroom Sending
  • The Royal White Stallion (and its amazing horse)
  • Find the Fairy Fountain
  • Flown the Coop
  • By Firefly’s Light
  • The Eighth Heroine side quest walkthrough (How to get sand boots)
  • The Forgotten Sword side quest walkthrough (How to get snow boots)
  • Hylian Homeowner side quest (What happens when you buy a house)
  • From the Ground Up side quest walkthrough (How to build a town … from the ground up)
  • A Royal Recipe side quest walkthrough and old cookbook locations


  • How to climb Akkala Tower

Shrines: walkthroughs, locations and puzzle solutions

We’ve organized our shrines guide based on geographic locations. Each tower unlocks a portion of Breath of the Wild’s map, and the shrines that appear in those regions appear beneath the region names below.

Great Plateau tower region

  • Oman Au shrine (magnesis trial)
  • Ja Baij shrine (bomb trial)
  • Owa Dam shrine (stasis trial)

Dueling Peaks tower region

  • Bosh Kala shrine (The Wind Guides You)
  • Ta’Loh Naeg shrine (Ta’Loh Naeg’s Teaching)
  • Ree Dahee shrine (Timing Is Critical)
  • Hila Rao shrine (Drifting)
  • Ha Dahamar shrine (The Water Guides)
  • Shee Vaneer shrine (Twin Memories)
  • Shee Venath shrine (Twin Memories)
  • Lakna Rokee shrine (Lakna Rokee’s Blessing)
  • Toto Sah shrine (Toto Sah Apparatus)

Lanaryu tower region

  • Daka Tuss shrine (Sunken Scoop)
  • Rucco Maag shrine (Five Flames)
  • Kaya Wan shrine (Shields From Water)
  • Sheh Rata shrine (Speed of Light)
  • Shai Yota shrine (Shai Yota’s Blessing)
  • Dagah Keek shrine (The Ceremonial Song shrine quest)
  • Kah Mael shrine (Drop and Rise)
  • Ne'ez Yohma (Pushing Power)
  • Soh Kofi shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)

Hateno tower region

  • Myahm Agana shrine (Myahm Agana Apparatus)
  • Kam Urog shrine (Trial of Passage)
  • Dow Na’eh shrine (Three Boxes)
  • Jitan Sa'mi shrine (Jitan Sa'mi’s Blessing)
  • Mezza Lo shrine (The Crowned Beast shrine quest)
  • Tahno O’ah shrine (Secret of the Cedars shrine quest)
  • Chaas Qeta shrine (A Major Test of Strength)

Lake tower region

  • Ka’o Makagh shrine (Metal Doors Open the Way)
  • Ya Naga shrine (Shatter the Heavens)
  • Pumaag Nitae shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)
  • Shae Katha shrine (Shae Katha’s Blessing)
  • Ishto Soh shrine (Bravery’s Grasp)
  • Shoqa Tatone shrine (Guardian Slideshow shrine quest)

Central tower region

  • Dah Kaso shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)
  • Wahgo Katta shrine (Metal Connections)
  • Rota Ooh shrine (Passing of the Gates)
  • Kaam Ya'tak shrine (Trial of Power)
  • Katah Chuki shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)
  • Noya Neha shrine (A Minor Test Of Strength)
  • Saas Ko'sah shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
  • Namika Ozz shrine (A Modest Test of Strength)

Woodland tower region

  • Keo Ruug shrine (Fateful Stars)
  • Daag Chokah shrine (The Lost Pilgrimage shrine quest)
  • Mirro Shaz shrine (Tempered Power)
  • Monya Toma (Drawing Parabolas)
  • Ketoh Wawai (The Shrouded Shrine shrine quest)
  • Rona Kachta shrine (Rona Kachta’s Blessing)
  • Kuhn Sidajj shrine (The Trial of Second Sight shrine quest and Kuhn Sidajj’s blessing)
  • Maag Halan shrine (The Test of Wood shrine quest and Maag Halan’s blessing)

Ridgeland tower region

  • Toh Yahsa shrine (Buried Secrets)
  • Mogg Latan shrine (Synced Swing)
  • Zalta Wa shrine (Two Orbs to Guide You)
  • Shae Loya shrine (Aim for the Moment)
  • Maag No'rah shrine (Maag No'rah’s Blessing)
  • Sheem Dagoze shrine (The Two Ruins shrine quest)
  • Mijah Rokee shrine (Under a Red Moon shrine quest)

Gerudo tower region

  • Kuh Takkar shrine (Melting Ice Hazard)
  • Sasa Kai shrine (A Moderate Test of Strength)
  • Sho Dantu shrine (Two Bombs)
  • Joloo Nah shrine (Joloo Nah Apparatus)
  • Kema Kosassa shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
  • Keeha Yoog shrine (Keeha Yoog’s Blessing)

Faron tower region

  • Shoda Sah shrine (Impeccable Timing)
  • Qukah Nata shrine (A Song of Storms Puzzle Quest)
  • Shai Utoh shrine (Halt the Tilt)
  • Muwo Jeem shrine (A Modest Test of Strength)
  • Tawa Jinn shrine (The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest)
  • Yah Rin shrine (A Weighty Decision)
  • Kah Yah shrine (A Fragmented Monument shrine quest)
  • Korgu Chideh shrine (Stranded on Eventide shrine quest)

Akkala tower region

  • Katosa Aug shrine (Katosa Aug Apparatus)
  • Dah Hesho shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)
  • Ze Kasho shrine (Ze Kasho Apparatus)
  • Tutsuwa Nima shrine (A Major Test of Strength and The Spring of Power shrine quest)
  • Ke'nai Shakah shrine (A Modest Test of Strength)
  • Zuna Kai shrine (Zuna Kai's Blessing and The Skull's Eye shrine quest)
  • Tu Ka'loh shrine (Tu Ka'loh’s Blessing and the Trail of the Labyrinth shrine quest)
  • Ritaag Zumo shrine (Ritaag Zumo’s blessing and Into the Vortex shrine quest)

Hebra tower region

  • Rin Oyaa shrine (Directing the Wind)
  • Sha Gehma shrine (Shift and Lock)
  • Hia Miu shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
  • Mozo Shenno shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
  • Shada Naw shrine (Red Giveaway)
  • Goma Asaagh shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
  • To Quomo shrine (To Quomo’s Blessing)
  • Rok Uwog shrine (Power of Reach)
  • Maka Rah shrine (Steady Thy Heart)
  • Lanno Kooh shrine (Lanno Kooh's Blessing)
  • Dunba Taag shrine (Build and Release)
  • Gee Ha'rah shrine (Tandem)
  • Qaza Tokki shrine (Trial on the Cliff shrine quest and Qaza Tokki’s blessing)

Wasteland tower region

  • Daqo Chisay shrine (The Whole Picture)
  • Jee Noh shrine (On the Move)
  • Kay Noh shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)
  • Dako Tah shrine (Electric Path)
  • Tho Kayu shrine (Tho Kayu’s Blessing)
  • Hawa Koth shrine (The Current Solution)
  • Dila Maag shrine (The Desert Labyrinth shrine quest and South Lomei Labyrinth)
  • Raqa Zunzo shrine (The Undefeated Champ shrine quest)
  • Kema Zoos shrine (The Silent Swordswomen shrine quest)
  • Suma Sahma shrine (Secret of the Snowy Peaks shrine quest)
  • Korsh O'hu shrine (The Seven Heroines shrine quest)
  • Misae Suma shrine (The Perfect Drink shrine quest)

Tabantha tower region

  • Akh Va'quot shrine (Windmills)
  • Kah Okeo shrine (Wind Guide)
  • Sha Warvo shrine (Path of Hidden Winds)
  • Tena Ko’sah shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
  • Bareeda Naag shrine (The Ancient Rito Song shrine quest)
  • Voo Lota shrine (Recital at Warbler's Nest shrine quest)

Eldin tower region

  • Mo’a Keet shrine (Metal Makes a Path)
  • Sah Dahaj shrine (Power of Fire)
  • Qua Raym shrine (A Balanced Approach)
  • Shae Mo'sah shrine (Swinging Flames)
  • Shora Hah shrine (Blue Flame)
  • Daqa Koh shrine (Stalled Flight)
  • Gorae Torr shrine (The Gut Check Challenge shrine quest)
  • Tah Muhl shrine (Passing the Flame)
  • Kayra Mah shrine (Greedy Hill and A Brother's Roast shrine quest)

Shrine quests

  • A Song of Storms shrine quest (Rubber tights)
  • Trial of Thunder shrine quest (Rubber Armor)
  • Cursed Statue shrine quest
  • Serpent’s Jaws shrine quest
  • The Stolen Heirloom shrine quest
  • Sign of the Shadow shrine quest
  • A Test of Will shrine quest
  • Master of the Wind shrine quest (Shai Yota shrine)
  • The Ceremonial Song shrine quest (Dagah Keek shrine)
  • The Lost Pilgrimage shrine quest (Daag Chokah shrine)
  • Secret of the Cedars shrine quest walkthrough (Tahno O’ah shrine)
  • The Crowned Beast shrine quest (Mezza Lo shrine)
  • The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest (Tawa Jinn shrine)
  • A fragmented monument shrine quest (Kah Yah shrine)
  • The Two Ruins shrine quest (Sheem Dagoze shrine)
  • Under a Red Moon shrine quest (Mijah Rokee shrine)
  • The Ancient Rito Song shrine quest (Bareeda Naag shrine)
  • Recital at Warbler's Nest shrine quest (Voo Lota shrine)
  • Guardian Slideshow shrine quest (Shoqa Tatone shrine)
  • The Desert Labyrinth shrine quest (Dila Maag shrine and South Lomei Labyrinth)
  • The Undefeated Champ shrine quest (Raqa Zunzo shrine)
  • The Silent Swordswomen shrine quest (Kema Zoos shrine)
  • The Gut Check Challenge shrine quest (Gorae Torr shrine)
  • Stranded on Eventide shrine quest (Korgu Chideh shrine)
  • Secret of the Snowy Peaks shrine quest (Suma Sahma shrine)
  • The Seven Heroines shrine quest (Korsh O'hu shrine)
  • The Perfect Drink shrine quest (Misae Suma shrine)
  • The Shrouded Shrine shrine quest (Ketoh Wawai)
  • A Brother's Roast shrine quest (Kayra Mah shrine and Greedy Hill)
  • The Spring of Power shrine quest (Tutsuwa Nima shrine and A Major Test of Strength)
  • The Skull's Eye shrine quest (Zuna Kai shrine and Zuna Kai's Blessing)
  • Trail of the Labyrinth shrine quest (Tu Ka'loh shrine and Tu Ka'loh’s blessing)
  • Into the Vortex shrine quest (Ritaag Zumo shrine and Ritaag Zumo’s Blessing)
  • Trial of Second Sight shrine quest (Kuhn Sidajj shrine and Kuhn Sidajj's Blessing)
  • The Test of Wood shrine quest (Maag Halan shrine and Maag Halan’s blessing)
  • Trial on the Cliff shrine quest (Qaza Tokki shrine and Qaza Tokki’s blessing)

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