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‘Yunobo of Goron City’ quest walkthrough in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to find Yunobo and make it through the Death Mountain Chasm

Yunobo, a Goron with a white tuft of hair and goatee, stands in shock as a cave crumbles around him in Tears of the Kingdom
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

As a part of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s main story, you’ll need to help out the Goron people with a rock-eating addiction that they’re going through in the Yunobo of Goron City quest.

This is one of four locations as part of the Regional Phenomena quest, with Goron City found in the north-east part of Hyrule.

Below, we walk through how to find Yunobo, climb Death Mountain, and find the Fire Temple (which is in a different guide because it’s long).

How to start Yunobo of Goron City

Once you get to Goron City, talk to the elder Goron near the huge rock meat pile in the center of the city. A cutscene will start, explaining the deal with marbled rock roast and Yunobo, our beloved Goron boy from Breath of the Wild, will show up. However, he’s turned into a pompous jerk who is fine with letting the Goron people suffer for his company.

After the cutscene ends, the quest “Yunobo of Goron City” will begin. Yunobo’s bit involves using minecarts to travel on tracks and firing him off to activate levers and take down enemies while on the cart.

Finding Yunobo in Death Mountain

The quest marker will lead you to him. You’ll just need to follow a path. You won’t need to get on any of the mine carts you see.

There will be several swarms of Bokoblins and their friends on the path, so make sure you’re ready to fight. You will also need to have fire resistance / be flameproof to actually get to Yunobo, so make sure you either buy the Flamebreaker armor from the Goron City or you have flame resistance elixirs on-hand.

Once you make it to the marked location on the map, talk to the little Goron kids to get to Yunobo. You’ll have to fight him in a very hot cave, which is why you need fire resistance.

Yunobo doesn’t take any damage until he’s stunned. He’ll stun himself by rolling into walls, so dodge his rolls and wait for him to get dizzy. Once he’s dizzy, one attack (no matter which weapon you use) will do a third of his health. Hit him three times and he’ll come to his senses.

Yunobo will now direct us to the Death Mountain peak, which we’ll head to next.

Carting up Death Mountain

From Death Mountain West Side, you’ll need to take a specific rail up. Grab the cart next to the rails, attach the nearby fan to the back of it, and head up:

You’ll notice that as you ride different vehicles, Yunobo will automatically charge up in front of you. You can’t really aim him vertically, but he will go forward from where Link is facing. Use Yunobo’s ability to break rocks in the way of the track and take out enemies that are along the way.

You’ll eventually hit a barricade, where you can defeat the bokoblins there, break the barricade, and keep going. Keep using Yunobo to break down rocks that block off the tracks.

Sitsum Shrine will sit under the end of the tracks, so grab the shrine as a quick (and very useful) teleport point and Ascend back up.

Moragia boss fight strategy

After you walk up the rest of the mountain path and talk to Yunobo, you’ll need to fight the mid-boss, Moragia.

There isn’t much to this fight. You’ll need to use Ultrahand to straighten out the flying vehicle that’s conveniently right on the mountain top and navigate it, firing Yunobo at the three appendages. Once you hit all three once, you’re all done.

They will fire rocks at you, which is annoying, but focus on dodging and aligning Yunobo for a good shot. The flying machine provided has big batteries on it, so you have plenty of time to steer the vehicle around.

Getting through the Death Mountain Chasm

Before you jump into Death Mountain, remember to have fire resistant armor or elixirs, as you’ll need them the entire time you’re inside the mountain. You’ll also want non-wooden weapons which will break significantly faster inside due to the fire (our best weapons page can offer some recommendations if you want some suggestions).

Due to how dark and confusing the Depths are, we’ll provide coordinates for important landmarks throughout this part of our walkthrough.

After jumping straight into Death Mountain, you’ll want to land as close to the quest marker as you can. If you are having trouble lining it up, aim for Mustis Lightroot (2375, 2591, -0944) below:

If you whiff the jump and end up on the rocks in the lava, you can teleport back to Sitsum Shrine and try again.

Once you make it to the lightroot, activate it and talk to Yunobo to proceed. At this point, you should be aiming for the quest marker on your map, but it’s admittedly hard to see in the depths. Use lightblooms liberally to help light up the way.

Use Yunobo to break the rock at approximately (2128, 2704, -0961) and climb up that path:

Take down the group of enemies directly in front, who are mining at zonaite. Feel free to use their hammers to collect some zonaite for yourself. (You can never have too much!)

Keep heading up until you reach approximately (1907, 2622, -0853) and use Yunobo again to smash the rocks ahead. Keep moving forward towards the Misisi Lightroot in the distance at (1842, 2843, -0838). You’ll need to fight a large swarm of bokoblins and friends in the way first.

To the west of Misisi Lightroot, there’s a pool of water with several hydrants around it. Before you grab a hydrant, take out the surrounding enemies first, which include Bokoblins, Moblins, and a Fire Like.

Once they’re cleared out, pick up a hydrant and carry it over to the broken bridge at around (1669, 2901, -0844). Hit the hydrant to turn it on and hold it over the lava to create a rock path. Jump from rock to rock like so to fortress:

Note that the rocks do drift down the lava a bit, so you’ll need to time your jumps slightly. They don’t move super fast or anything like that, but if you stand for a long time, you’ll notice yourself moving.

Once you’re done crossing the lava, you made it to the Fire Temple.