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A Tears of the Kingdom plea: Please stop wasting your arrows in the Depths

Learning to throw Brightbloom Seeds (and other key items) is more efficient and will come in handy

A large red X over a photo of Link in The Legend of Zelda shooting an arrow in The Depths Image: Nintendo via Polygon
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If you spend a lot of time in the overworld sunshine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’d really have to try if you wanted to run out of arrows. After all, you’ll frequently fight Bokoblins and other beasties that drop a bunch of arrows if you get them with one well-placed headshot.

But the second you head underground into the deep, dark Depths, it’s another story entirely. The first time you go down there, you’ll be advised that you can attach Brightbloom Seeds to your arrows, creating pools of light wherever you wanna walk. And this works great! But after just a few minutes of using arrows this way, your supply will quickly diminish.

There are plenty of Brightbloom Seeds in the Depths, but how do you make up for the lack of arrows? The Tears of the Kingdom developers thought about that! (Though it isn’t the most intuitive solve.)

You can actually throw any of the materials you have in your inventory, and they’ll activate when they hit the ground. This includes Brightbloom Seeds, which will emit the light you seek while exploring in the Depths.

How to throw items in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

At any time while playing, hold down the right bumper and then hold Up on the D-pad. It’ll bring up a menu of all of the items you can toss. To make it easy, sort by “Most Used” using the Y button, and you’ll likely see the Brightbloom Seeds pop up. Hover over the seeds and release Up, and Link will prepare to toss the item. When you’re ready to throw, release R.

If you’re looking to get some decent range on your seed throw, try aiming up a bit. Here’s a gif showing it all in action:

You’ll still want to use your arrows for those moments where you need your seeds to get a bit more range, but generally speaking, you’ll be fine just throwing most of them.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this works with all sorts of materials. For example, Bomb Flowers will explode if you toss them this way. So be careful with what you’re throwing!