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Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie is getting the 4K Blu-ray treatment it deserves

Coming in late Nov. but available to pre-order now

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The acclaimed animated movie based on Street Fighter 2 (aptly titled Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie) is coming out on 4K Blu-ray on Nov. 28, published by Discotek. It’s available to pre-order for $34.95 through Amazon, or for $24.47 through RightStuf. There’s a 4K YouTube sample pinned at the top of this post.

Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie

  • $8

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Fans should watch this animated movie that debuted in 1996. The once-definitive Blu-ray version was tough to find. But a 4K Blu-ray version of the film is launching in late Nov. and is available to pre-order.

  • $8 at Amazon (digital HD)
  • $35 at Amazon (4K Blu-ray)
  • $24 at RightStuf (4K Blu-ray)

Previously, the definitive version was Blu-ray, but it has been tough to find at a reasonable price. Otherwise, it’s currently available to watch for free (with ads) if you have an Amazon account. It’s free to watch with a Prime account. Or, you can buy or rent an HD version of it for less than $10 through that same link above.

As for this new disc, you’ll need a 4K Blu-ray player to watch it, which the Xbox Series X and the disc version of the PlayStation 5 happen to be. According to the product description on RightStuf, the film is a restored 4K HDR film transfer that’s “uncensored and uncut.” It includes restored and remastered English (US and UK) audio tracks, as well as the original Japanese audio version with English subtitles, and it’s region-free. Here’s the full list of what to expect when this version launches later this year:

  • Newly Restored 4K HDR Film Transfer, Uncensored & Uncut
  • Every English Audio Track, US & UK, Restored & Remastered
  • Original Japanese Version with English Subtitles
  • Complete HD Restoration of the US PG-13 Cut
  • English Version Opening & Closing Credits
  • SFII: The Animated Movie Japanese Game Footage
  • Trailers and Commercials
  • Isolated Score
  • Production Art
  • Liner Notes