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Straightening out Gen V’s timeline and what’s next on The Boys season 4

Does The Creator have a post-credits scene?

Get a treasure trove of Zelda manga for 35% off

The best Blu-rays and 4K UHD releases of 2023

Patrick Stewart told Paramount he wants a Picard movie

Sex Education’s finale is completely reasonable and a total letdown

Here’s your first look at Masaaki Yuasa: Five Films, a box set celebrating an anime legend

Spy x Family season 2 finally has a Crunchyroll release date

The best horror movies you can watch right now

6 major takeaways from Hollywood writers’ new WGA contract

The 10 most outrageous traps from the Saw franchise

Jujutsu Kaisen fans love Gojo so much they built him a shrine

Ramona Flowers works for Netflix’s defunct DVD program in the Scott Pilgrim anime

Scavengers Reign looks like a beautiful, bizarre adventure beyond the stars

Nathan Fielder’s new show is almost certainly lying to us

Netflix reveals first look at its new Tomb Raider series

Iron Man has reached his final form: a hot lady’s trophy husband

A new Devil May Cry anime is coming to Netflix

In Gen V, superpowers are nothing if your posts aren’t good

10 great horror movies currently haunting Netflix

Eli Roth made an all-ages horror TV show, but it’s still scary as hell

Dune will hit Netflix to fill the Dune 2 void in your heart

One Piece’s complex musical world-building sets a tone for season 2 and beyond

Hollywood writers’ strike is over as union wins major concessions from studios

Ahsoka’s place in the Star Wars timeline is immediately confusing

Lenny Kravitz wore his ridiculously huge scarf in debut TikTok

Rick and Morty snuck a Zelda: Breath of the Wild reference into its trailer

Dropout’s dropping CollegeHumor on its 5th anniversary — here’s why and what the future holds

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Groot and Minority Report helped No One Will Save You’s director build a puzzle box

Groot, Minority Report, and Contact all helped Brian Duffield clarify his mystery box

A year ago, Netflix earned its place in the Cyberpunk canon

The Boys spinoff Gen V, Netflix’s Castlevania sequel, and more new TV to watch this week

Doctor Who’s greatest power couple is back in 60th anniversary trailer

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