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We have to talk about No One Will Save You’s ending

Treat yourself to John Wick: Chapter 4 on 4K Blu-ray for just $20.99

The best movies of 2023 so far

Does The Creator have a post-credits scene?

The best Blu-rays and 4K UHD releases of 2023

Patrick Stewart told Paramount he wants a Picard movie

The best horror movies you can watch right now

6 major takeaways from Hollywood writers’ new WGA contract

The 10 most outrageous traps from the Saw franchise

10 great horror movies currently haunting Netflix

Dune will hit Netflix to fill the Dune 2 void in your heart

Hollywood writers’ strike is over as union wins major concessions from studios

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Groot and Minority Report helped No One Will Save You’s director build a puzzle box

Groot, Minority Report, and Contact all helped Brian Duffield clarify his mystery box

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Expend4bles director wants you to have as much fun watching the movie as he did making it

‘It feels like an amusement ride, right?’

Robert Rodriguez had to bring video games back for his new Spy Kids

The best movies to watch before they leave streaming next month

Bottoms, new TMNT movie, The Machine on Netflix, and every new movie to watch at home this weekend

The best movies on Netflix right now

The new Toxic Avenger argues that Peter Dinklage should do more comedy

The best order to watch all the Conjuring movies

Netflix’s Spy Kids: Armageddon levels up the franchise

Amazon to run ads on Prime Video shows as streaming services continue to devolve

The John Wick movies have always lived by video game rules

Expend4bles has no more wishes to fulfill

One of Lance Reddick’s last movies is a fantastic-looking courtroom thriller

Watch these hidden horror gems in Peacock’s amazing Halloween movie collection

Studio Ghibli is getting bought by a Japanese TV station, but it isn’t losing independence

No One Will Save You unleashes a terrifying alien twist on the home invasion thriller

Terrence Howard and Dolph Lundgren defend a movie theater from greedy capitalists in Showdown at the Grand trailer

I’m mildly obsessed with Elemental’s water-people hair

Hideo Kojima visits the Criterion closet, experiences the happiest day of his life

Criterion Channel’s Halloween lineup dives into the underrated horror of the 1990s

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