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Sex Education’s finale is completely reasonable and a total letdown

Resident Evil 4’s laser hallway gets the biggest upgrade in remake DLC

Elon Musk doesn’t know his Mercy fetish is boring

Diablo 3’s final season demonstrates everything Diablo 4 gets wrong

Fighting games should never reboot their stories

Fionna and Cake is getting the queer representation Adventure Time deserved

Ahsoka’s Baylan Skoll could have been Star Wars’ Ned Stark if he wasn’t such a mess

I am ready to be disappointed by American Horror Story again

Talk shows walk back plans to scab as negotiations resume in WGA strike

Let us never forget Ryan Gosling is a very funny man

Dear Bethesda: Why are Starfield’s books so short?

Starfield’s best early-game gunfight happens in zero gravity

We need more positive male role models like Rusty from Armored Core 6

Starfield makes space travel feel way too safe

Starfield’s best side quests emphasize deception and discovery

Netflix’s One Piece owes so much to actor Iñaki Godoy’s take on Luffy

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is a fitting farewell for an awesome studio

Live-action One Piece is too good to let Sanji be a horndog

Starfield’s persuasion system is the equivalent of a bad Dungeon Master

Netflix’s One Piece makes a crucial character change from the manga for the better

My Starfield character doesn’t feel like an actual character

Netflix’s live-action One Piece shows the story is best as a slow burn 

Adventure Time fans grew up, and the adult Fionna and Cake is very much for them

The Justified spinoff reminds us how great Justified really was

Struggling with Armored Core 6? Do the coolest thing possible

Star Wars was never better than when the Old Republic was canon

My Adventures With Superman is reinventing DC villains faster than a speeding bullet

Baldur’s Gate 3 bosses are brutal and sometimes brilliant

Astarion’s charms convinced me to play Baldur’s Gate 3

A scene cut from Scream VI gave Gale more of the dignity she deserves

The era of the animated action movie is here

It’s time to accept save scumming as the best way to play RPGs

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