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News and updates on Bethesda Game Studios' Starfield, the Xbox Series X and PC game that's billed as "Skyrim in space."

The 10 best Starfield mods to upgrade your gameplay

Infamous modder replaces Starfield’s ships with Thomas the Tank Engine

Starfield’s new game plus is one of the best parts of its narrative

A Starfield fan made a Digipick simulator for lock-picking on the go

Bethesda’s usual bugs make Starfield a wild ride

How rain works in Starfield (and lots of other games)

Starfield fulfills the simple pleasure of loot

The best gifts for Starfield fans

Skyrim’s cheese-house architect and clutter curator brought their powers to Starfield 

Nexus Mods boots Starfield mod that removed pronoun options

Starfield’s Earth hides a devastating environmentalist lesson

Dear Bethesda: Why are Starfield’s books so short?

Starfield relishes in Bethesda’s legacy of item hoarding

Starfield is getting an ‘eat’ button for food, among other updates

Starfield’s best early-game gunfight happens in zero gravity

Official mod support for Starfield is coming next year

Starfield makes space travel feel way too safe

Starfield’s best side quests emphasize deception and discovery

The best movies and TV like Starfield to watch after exploring the Settled Systems

These Starfield players have created unbeatable ship abominations

Starfield fans recreate spaceships from Star Wars, Mass Effect, and more

A scale model of the Constellation Frontier starship from Starfield, as designed and built by Adam Savage and the crew at Tested. It’s about two feet long, and sitting backlit on a workbench. It’s immaculately filthy.

Adam Savage is probably having more fun with Starfield than you are

You can invite Critical Role’s Matt Mercer to join your crew in Starfield

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The race to mod Starfield

Starfield already has more than 700 mods just hours after release

How to fix Starfield’s audio bug

Here’s where you can buy Starfield

Starfield’s persuasion system is the equivalent of a bad Dungeon Master

Starfield isn’t the only interesting game coming to Game Pass this month

Starfield’s New Atlantis is an Epcot-core vision of a bygone future

My Starfield character doesn’t feel like an actual character

PSA: Play Starfield’s campaign before doing side quests

Starfield sterilizes the final frontier