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How to change your appearance in Starfield

New Atlantis, new you

Starfield advertisement for Enhance! where you can change your appearance Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon
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You’ll set up your character’s appearance pretty early in Starfield, partway through the “One Small Step” mission. But how your character looks doesn’t have to be permanent. You can change your appearance in Starfield — for a fee, of course.

Our guide to changing your appearance in Starfield will explain how and where to go to change everything about your character’s physical appearance.

How to change your appearance in Starfield

In Starfield, you change your appearance any time you want. Any Enhance! shop will let you alter your appearance (all the way from scratch if you want) for 500 credits.

The easiest Enhance! to find is in New Atlantis (on Jemison). From the NAT in the Commercial District, walk straight forward. It’ll be on your left, just past the Infinity, Ltd. storefront. You can also find Enhance! stores in the main shopping concourse of Neon (on Volii Alpha) or next to the gigantic tower in Paradiso (on Porrima II).

What you can change

Starfield Enhance! menu to start changing a character’s appearance Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

Paying that 500 credits lets you change everything about your character. It opens the same character creator you saw at the beginning of the game. You can change everything from gender expression to skin tone to face shape to makeup. Once you’re done with the physical stuff, you can also change your character’s name and pronouns.

Different Enhance! locations offer differ cosmetics. For instance, the Enhance! outpost in Neon comes allows you to apply face tattoos (some of which are actually pretty cool) to your character but lacks the haircut options found in Paradiso.

What you can’t change

You cannot change your character’s background and nothing you do here changes your skills (or skill point distribution). You also can’t change your traits. For that, you’ll have to find a Reliant Medical storefront.

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