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Starfield achievement list

See all 50 achievements in Starfield

The player speaks to Sarah Morgan in Starfield Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Starfield has 50 achievements for you to earn as you travel the Settled Systems, righting (or causing) wrongs and charting your course through the universe.

Our Starfield achievements guide lists them all along with their descriptions. We’ve broken them down into broad categories — progress, story, combat, faction, exploration, and outposts — and we’ll have links to specific guides where we can to help you earn every achievement.

Starfield progress achievements

Our progress category of achievements covers achievements you’ll get just by playing the game long enough and exploring all of the various mechanics and features.

  • Dust Off. Reach level 5.
  • Traveler. Reach level 10.
  • Elite. Reach level 25.
  • Space Opera. Reach level 50.
  • Reach for the Stars. Reach level 100.
  • Chief Engineer. Modify a ship.
  • Fixer. Complete 30 Activities.
  • Privateer. Complete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions.
  • Life Begets Life. Gather 500 organic resources.
  • Rock Collection. Gather 500 inorganic resources.
  • Cyber Jockey. Bypass 50 digital locks.
  • Jacked In. Access 50 computers.
  • Replicator. Craft 100 items.
  • The Family You Choose. Recruit 10 separate companions.
  • Starcrossed. Reach maximum relationship level with a companion.
  • Fleet Commander. Collect 10 ships.
  • Thirst for Knowledge. Read 20 skill magazines.
  • I Use Them For Smuggling. Successfully smuggle contraband.

Starfield story achievements

There are 10 achievements related to the main story — one for each of the main story missions.

  • For All, Into the Starfield. Enter space for the first time.
  • One Small Step. Join Constellation.
  • Into the Unknown. Complete “Into the Unknown.”
  • All That Money Can Buy. Complete “All That Money Can Buy.”
  • Further Into the Unknown. Complete “Further Into the Unknown.”
  • High Price to Pay. Complete “High Price to Pay.”
  • In Their Footsteps. Complete “In Their Footsteps.”
  • Entangled. Complete “Entangled.”
  • Unearthed. Complete “Unearthed.”
  • One Giant Leap. Complete “One Giant Leap.”

Starfield combat achievements

There are four achievements related to weapons and combat.

  • Soldier of Fortune. Mod 50 weapons.
  • War of Angels. Collect 20 Quantum Essence.
  • Dark Matter. Eliminate 300 human enemies.
  • Another Bug Hunt. Eliminate 300 creatures.

Starfield faction achievements

There are 12 achievements related to Starfield’s factions.

  • Supra Et Ultra. Join the UC Vanguard.
  • The Devils You Know. Complete “The Devils You Know.”
  • A Legacy Forged. Complete “A Legacy Forged.”
  • Deputized. Join the Freestar Rangers.
  • Surgical Strike. Complete “Surgical Strike”.
  • The Hammer Falls. Complete “The Hammer Falls.”
  • Back to the Grind. Join Ryujin Industries.
  • Guilty Parties. Complete “Guilty Parties.”
  • Executive Level. Complete “Executive Level.”
  • Rook Meets King. Join the Crimson Fleet.
  • The Best There Is. Complete “The Best There Is.”
  • Legacy’s End. Complete “Legacy’s End.”

Starfield exploration achievements

There are three achievements to earn by exploring the Settled Systems.

  • Stellar Cartography. Visit 20 star systems.
  • The Stars My Destination. Visit all star systems.
  • Boots on the Ground. Land on 100 planets.

Starfield outpost achievements

The final three achievements can be earned once you start building outposts.

  • Home Sweet Home. Build an outpost.
  • Shipping Magnate. Connect 5 outposts with cargo links.
  • Industrialist. Produce 500 total resources from outposts.

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